Accessories are a Girl's Best Friend

While they say dog is a man's best friend, we say accessories are a woman's best friend. We can't deny that accessories are definitely the solution to style a plain jane look. One thing for sure, if the accessories are up to date, you will be too.

We'll show you an array of our favourites designed by Teresa Thian. She pays crucial attention to the intricate details as you can see here.

Best pick! You can wear this as a headband or necklace.

Bird with heart earrings 

 Bird ring

Blue headband dada

 Heart with ring earrings

Wing ring

Heart with wing ring

Heart with wing bangle

Coral headband dada

 Flower & heart earrings

 Best pick! The big ring

Not to forget, the charm bracelet. Is you're not satisfied with just three charms, we also have a few charms you can add on to it.

 Green/pink flower charm

Purple/pink heart charm

As they say seeing is believing, visit the nearest store to see such beautiful intricate details.

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