Bringing in a new range to the store

If you have been shopping at Gallo by Thian store, you should realise that we never had T-shirts or anything close to plain casual. So this time, we thought of bringing something new to the store and frankly speaking, this is our first to produce T-shirts.

Here are some graphics the designer, Teresa, and her assistant designer, Kittie, came up with.

We incorporated the graphics on to T-shirts like this.

For women...

And for men. Girls can also wear them.

We have a few colours for each design and they are available at stores now. Come and get it!


  1. hi,
    may i know the price for the long dress and t shirt? how come they're not in ur e shopping?

  2. Hello,
    The cotton long dress is RM169 and the crop cotton top is RM99. We have T-shirts for men which cost RM119. We do have it on the e-shop. Please visit Thanks!