Different ways to wear a scarf

In this day and age, scarves are no longer restricted to wearing as headwear or tied to a bag's handle to make it look pretty. Scarves have become one of the most sought-after accessories. The variety of shapes, colours, patterns, and fabrics make scarves to be extremely versatile and can be found to compliment any outfite

We will show you how to use not just scarf but also handkerchief in different ways for both men and women. Let's start with the ladies first.

 6 different ways to wear a handkerchief on the head.

4 different ways to wear a handkerchief around the neck.

4 different ways to wear a scarf around the neck.

Now, the gentlemen...

4 different ways to wear around the neck. They look polished indeed.

As we've seen, scarves can be worn in many different ways and it doesn't require much effort and creativity to come up with these styles. Gallo by Thian scarf is made of 100% silk and the interesting graphics in cotton candy colours make it an excellent accessory to match with any outfit from our Spring Summer 2011 Will You Marry Me? collection.

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