Gallo by Thian for Kronenbourg 1664

We are proud and exceptionally joyful to team up with Kronenbourg 1664 in launching their first ever L'Aperitif Fashion event! This pilot launch is to mark Kronenbourg 1664 as the 'champagne' of beers and also  to tie in with the love of fashion. We designed the french inspired visuals (Kronenbourg is a french beer), 3 custom garments for Kronenbourg 1664 and decorated the venue in ways we'd interpret Kronenbourg would be in a Gallo by Thian's world.

 Teresa, our designer, has specially designed and hand made a bottle for Kronenbourg 1664 L'Aperitif Fashion (picture above) and it's all about romantic roses in PVC. Who would've thought!

More pictures coming soon.

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