A fresh start to the week

Early in the morning, the alarm rings...

It's Monday and the last thing we want is having the Monday blues and dreading to feel the same for Tuesday and Wednesday. So there we stand in front of the wardrobe...gosh our mind is not working at its full capacity. What to wear?

It doesn't have to be that way. A little style inspiration goes a long way and here is a fresh start to the week.

Ah... nothing beats the smell of coffee in the morning.

1. Silk blouse with netting collar RM329
2. Ruffles cropped pants RM289
3. Love with wings ring RM89
4. Love with wings earrings RM89


  1. This is the exact set that I bought on Sunday, super nice!

  2. Yes, it sure is nice. We love the material too as it's 100% silk. We're sure you'll look great in it. =)