Easy breezy weekend

We've reached the end of the 5-day work week and it's time to enjoy. So what are your plans for the weekend? See a movie? Hit the club? Visit family? Still unsure? Maybe this could help. We want to have a easy breezy weekend. The garden brings us to a wonderland dream and the PinkMartini's song serves as an inspiration for an easy weekend style.

Over the Valley by Pink Martini

Did the song get you into a mood? We are already in the mood for this relaxing weekend and here is the look that you can incorporate into your laid back style. Have a great weekend!

 1. Silk blouse with lace RM289
2. High waisted scallop shorts RM269
3. Dada hair band RM119
4. Pigeon ring RM89
5. Pigeon earrings RM89
6. Half buckled leather shoes RM389

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