The Photo Shoot

We had a photo shoot on Saturday, the 5th of March 2011. The photoshoot was conducted in a studio and boy it was a long day. Teresa, the fashion stylist and assistant designer, Bryan & Kittie, were there from 8.30am till 10pm. It isn't unusual to spend long hours for a photo shoot and people in this industry and media know that. So if you are doing a photo shoot for the first time, prepare yourself for this. May I suggest to bring loads of power bars? =)

This is the background setting. It feels like heaven isn't it?

 Bryan and Teresa preparing the garments for shooting. Look how fierce Bryan's style is in his leopard-printed shirt and red-coloured hair. Rrrr...

 The cage for props. Are the pigeons real? Keep guessing...

 Remember this? We used the ring for the fashion show.

 The accessories used to style up the models.

Kittie playing with the props. Oh yes, notice the shirt she's wearing?

 The photographer, Tian Xing, is testing the lighting to make sure it suits the right mood. The trial shoot is usually done before the real shooting begins.

 Tian Xing briefing the models on the concept and direction.

Look at this model, Callum. This is what happens when the long hours take its toll on the models and the team.

That's a wrap! The photo shoot is completed. What better way to end the day than to free the pigeons. Up and away! Don't forget to tell the others how great you look in the shots taken.

Overall, it went well. Phew! Kudos to the team and not to forget, we would like to thank you to...

- Models Callum, Anastacia, and Monika (FACES MODELS)
- Photographer Tian Xing (SHOW UPICTURES)
- Hair and make-up Ming (BOMBSHELL)
- Manicure (Blissful)

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