The Beginning of the Spring Summer 2011 Season

The birth of the new season. Here is where it all started... the inspiration was obtained from the one question that we want to say yes to.

And so the process began. Teresa went through the variety of colours to suit the cotton candy theme. Was it hard? Well, deciding the colours for sampling usually doesn't consume much time but deciding on only two colours for one design for production is really tough.

These are the two choices of colour (purple, colour patent: 522C & yellow, colour patent: 7499C) selected to produce one of her designs.

...looking through the range of fabrics.

Fabric is layered on the range of colours. This is how the experimentation of layering is done.

The sketches primarily serve as a way to explore different ideas before undertaking a more finished work.

Draping fabric to the body allows freedom for designing which intimately create custom clothing.

The result

Here is another design she worked on.

almost there...
The result... superb.


  1. I'm loving everything from the new collection :D

  2. Great to hear that. New collection already in store, see you soon Felice.