What we do in the office... among others.

Gallo by Thian office is pretty much busy at times! In the office is where all the brain juices produced right to the execution. Speaking of which, familiar with our hand-made hairband that comes in coral and blue color? We were not making things up when we said they are hand-made. Our customer quality satisfaction is number one, hence we guarantee the hairbands that we produce are 100% hand-made. Still curious? Check them out, it is one of the busy time that goes on in the office.

The hairbands and the pretty little embroideries

In the making of the hairbands

Fully hand-made by sewing

and... There they are!

 Blue Hairband Dada                                                   Coral Hairband Sweetheart

Both the Dada and Sweetheart Hairband are available in blue and coral. 
Get them to complete your everyday outlook!

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