A Vimeo to Share

Remember when we had a get-together session with the bloggers at our store in The Gardens Mall and we treated them to a 3D manicure? One of the bloggers, Hanie Hidayah, came with her sweetie, point8cam and while she was busy enjoying her pampering session, point8cam also got himself busy working his magic with his video cam.

We couldn't stop ourselves wondering what he's doing... walking around shooting video from one corner to the other many times and Hanie was not spared from this too.

Well, he did mention about his work and it turns out that he has passion in video shooting. So, yesterday, we stumbled upon a video which we got tagged in it on Facebook. It was the video he shot at the 3D manicure session for bloggers. The verdict? We love it! We're unable to load it here but you can check out on vimeo. If you'd like to see more of point8cam's work, visit http://point8cam.com/.

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