Shoes are Made for Walking

We have been raving about everything we have in store but one thing that we have not talked about and well, almost forgotten is one of the important items that completes a look. Look down at your feet and you know what we have missed out on. Shoes! Yes, we mentioned the range we have for apparels and accessories but not the footwear.

Have you actually taken a look at the footwear whenever you visit the store? For those who didn't really look at it, here are among the few we have. They're comfortable as noted among our customers and the neutral colours made it easy to match with any outfits.


  1. I recently bought my first item from Gallo; a white lambskin T-Bar heels. I must say, MOST comfortable and made for walking a very long time. Love it and I'm looking forward to more designs -wdeez-

  2. Glad you love it! Yes, our heels are made for our customer to feel comfortable on it, because it is what important the most:) Dont worry, our new arrival is coming soon. Cheers!