An inspiration for your thoughts

The Spring Summer collection had been launched so what do we do now? We sit back and relax. Afterall, the team worked hard to accomplish this project and they should deserve it right?

Not at all (but it was nice of the bosses to grant a day of well-deserved break). The next day, we're back in motion. We are working on something and would love to share it with you. Take a look at the picture below and tell us what you see.

You think you know what it is...or not. Well, you are looking at our inspiration.

Curiosity entails the desire to learn more, isn't it? One of the great things is that developing curiosity can broaden your horizons of thinking and creativity. So what you see here, let this ignite your inquisitive nature and to spark the inner quriosity.

Follow us on this blog and you will see how our new collection is evolved from this inspiration for Autumn/Winter season.

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